Digital Posters is created by Paperless Events. Our goal with Digital Posters is to disseminate information, to be fun and interactive and to create discourse between the author and their audience, both at the conference and offsite post conference. Having 24/7 access to hundreds of Digital Posters online, that would normally only be seen to a limited few for a limited time in a traditional poster, is an amazing resource and should be utilized for absolute effectiveness.

Poster sessions are paramount for Digital Posters success. We want to create a friendly, supportive environment for the poster presenters, we want to make Digital Posters a staple of every scientific conference and not as a fall back given to those that didn’t meet requirements for an oral presentation or those that didn’t get their abstracts off in time, but a presentation by it’s own merits that allows close interaction with their audience, the ability to distribute their research and work to a larger audience and a fun environment to do it in.

About Digitalposter

Looking for a new way to open up your event program? Want to offer something interactive to your delegates? Ready to break new ground in program formatting? Take something old and make it new again and you have

Historically, speakers allocated to poster sessions in event programs have hung large, paper posters on rows and rows of poster panels or walling, taking up valuable venue space and restricting movement to view during poster sessions or breaks in the program. Whilst not only being terribly congestive, the process also limits interaction from event attendees.

Instead of printing posters, utilises seamless programming of presentation upload to collate and construct preprinted posters onto interactive viewing stations on monitors and/or plasma screens. Other attractions include the ability to rank or vote posters, leave feedback and request or leave contact details should delegates wish to interact with the presenter further. The system can also support numerous delegate services in the one module as well as free or paid internet access and downloading of all formats of presentations. personifies the traditional format of speaker poster presentations, but electronifies it for a new way of thinking.